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Why waste your time and money on mysteries of unknown or unreliable quality? If you have not yet read every book by these authors, you have missed a guaranteed great read!. In association with


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Contemporary Mystery Writers

Tony Hillerman Of living mystery writers, Hillerman is the one whose newest novel I most anticipate with "baited breath." Most books are set in "Navajo Country," the American Southwest.
Martha Grimes In the style of Christie and Sayers, each book has a delightful touch of humor.
Dick Francis Former steeplechase jockey Francis sets each of his novels in the context of English horse racing.

Recent Mystery Writers

Ellis Peters Ellis Peters was and is by far my favorite mystery writer. The "Brother Cadfael" novels are set in medieval England.
Ngaio Marsh A native New Zealander, Ngaio Marsh continued the English tradition of Christie and Sayers. Her hero is usually Roderick Alleyn of Scotland Yard.

Classic Mystery Writers

Agatha Christie
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Extraordinarily prolific, Christie set the standard against which others' works are still measured. Her detectives Poirot and Miss Marple have graced film and television for decades.
Dorothy Sayers
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Sayers was not as prolific as Christie, so each of her books feels like a rare treasure.

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