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The Johnson-Wallace & Fish-Kirk Families

Name List

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Key: S=as a Spouse, C=as a Child, P=as a Parent




< >
  < >P,P
  < > [father of Mrs. John Ross]P
  < > [Mrs. Ross]C,C
  <Ann or Annabella>C born Abt 1808
  <Ann>P born Abt 1758
  <Catharine>P born Abt 1763
  <Catherine>P,P born Abt 1799
  <Catherine>P born Abt 1737
  <Catherine>C,C,P born Abt 1741
  <Christine>P born Abt 1790
  <David>P born Abt 1715
  <Elizabeth>P born Abt 1824
  <Hector>P born Abt 1760
  <Helen>P born Abt 1813
  <Isabell>P,P born Abt 1762
  <Janet or Jane>P born Abt 1675
  <Janet>P born Abt 1716
  <Jess>P born Abt 1852
  <Jessie> born Abt 1780
  <Margaret>P born Abt 1800
  <Mary>P born <1752>
  AlurieP,P born Connecticut, United States
  Ann JaneP
  Ann or AnnieC,C,P,P born Abt 1828
  AnnaP born Abt 1840, Ohio, United States
  Anna CatharinaP born Abt 1616, Preuchdorf, Alsace, Germany
  AnneP born Abt 1800, <Germany> died After 1850, <Polk, Wisconsin, United States>
  Anne MarieC born 8 Nov 1799 died 29 Dec 1870, <Glenwood Baptist Church Cemetery, Glenwood, Howard, Maryland, United States>
  AnnieC born May 1878, Ontario, Canada
  BarbaraP born Abt 1800, <Germany> died After 1850, <Polk, Wisconsin, United States>
  BridgetC born 1872 died 1946, <Carville Cemetery, Helena, Brasher, St. Lawrence, New York, United States>
  CatherineC born Abt 1818, Ireland
  ChristianP born Bef 1668, <Esses, Virginia, (United States)>
  Clara R.P,P
  DorothyS,C born Abt 1922, Oklahoma, United States
  ElisabethC born Abt 1780 died 21 Jan 1847, Middleburgh, Schoharie, New York, United States
  Eliza R.P
  ElizabethC,C born Abt 1786
  ElizabethP,P born 1832, Switzerland died 1918, <MRE Cemetery, Berne, Adams, Indiana, United States>
  ElizabethC,P,P born Abt 1681, Calvert, Maryland, (United States) died 2 Sep 1721, <Anne Arundel>, Maryland, (United States)
  ElizabethP born Bef 1656
  Evelyn W.C born 1904 died 1994, <Bellevue Memorial Park, Ontario, San Bernardino, California, United States>
  GeorgianaP,P born Abt 1863, Nova Scotia, Canada
  Grace S.
  HarrietP born 1817, England
  Helen H.C born 13 Aug 1922 died 18 Sep 2000, <Milbank, Grant, South Dakota>, United States
  IngeborgP born 1 Sep 1874, Norway died 18 Sep 1961, Traill, North Dakota, United States
  Iva R.P born 1906, Connecticut, United States died 1972
  Jane A.P died After 1913
  JeanS born Abt 1730
  JeanP born Abt 1730, <Virginia, (United States)>
  LillieS,C,P born Abt 1899, Indian Territory, Oklahoma, (United States)
  Lora C.C born 1902 died 1975, <Georgia>, United States
  Lucy AnnC
  Lucy E. born Abt 1888, Maine, United States
  Lydia M.C born 24 Nov 1907 died 27 Apr 1984, <Oak Hill Cemetery, Chetopa, Labette, Kansas, United States>
  MargaretC,P born Abt 1800, North Carolina, United States
  MargaretS died Abt 1856
  MariaP,P born 1620, Lampersloch, Germany died 29 Mar 1690, Mitschdorf (Goersdorf), Alsace (France)
  MarthaC,P died Dec 1674, Lanlivery, (Restormel), Cornwall, England
  MaryP born Abt 1748
  MaryP born 1790, England died 14 Jul 1867, Wellington, Ontario, Canada
  MaryC born Abt 1780 died 26 Apr 1852, <Lawrence Family Cemetery, Hurstbourne, Jefferson, Kentucky, United States>
  Mary AnnP,P died Bef 19 Jun 1856
  Mary E.C born Abt 1888, Pennsylvania, United States
  Mary E.S,C,P,P,P born 11 Aug 1872 died 21 Mar 1955, <Whisenant Cemetery, Snowball, Searcy, Arkansas, United States>
  Mary JaneP,P
  MinnC,P,P,P born Mar 1865, Canada died 1929, <Inglewood Park Cemetery, Inglewood, Los Angeles, California, United States>
  Minnie RuthP born 1866 died 1935, <Forest Lawn Memorial Park (Glendale), Glendale, Los Angeles, California, United States>
  RachelC,P born Abt 1794, South Carolina, United States died 1858, Gordon, Georgia, United States
  SarahC,P born 1788, Virginia, United States
  SarahC,P born Abt 1600, Bristol, England
  SarahC,P born Abt 1714, <Virginia>, (United States)
  ThomasinP born Bef 1633, <Richmond, Virginia, (United States)> died After 2 Mar 1698
  WinnieS,S,S,C born Abt 1822, Tennessee, United States died 30 Jan 1879, Barry Co., Missouri, United States
  Zenora D.C born 1 Jan 1909 died 20 Dec 2003, California, United States
  JohnC,P born 15 Jul 1743, Bladen, (North) Carolina, (United States) died 2 Dec 1743, Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware, (United States)
  ElizabethS,C,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P born Abt 1703, Maryland, (United States) died Between 1775 and 1777, Anne Arundel, Maryland, (United States)
  CarolineC,C,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P born <Jul 1835>, <Holstein>, Germany <Denmark> died aft <1910>, <Humboldt, Iowa>, United States
  ElizabethP born Abt 1648, <Baltimore, Maryland, (United States)>
  AnneC born Abt 1737
  BarbaraP born Abt 1800, <Germany> died After 1850, <Polk, Wisconsin, United States>
  MargaretC,P born 1681, <Maryland, (United States)>
  <Agnes>C,P,P,P,P born Abt 1765 died Bef 1840, Lancaster, South Carolina, United States
  <Catherine>C,P born Abt 1771
  < >

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